Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves to Keep Cold Hands Warm for Work, Arthritis, Raynaud’s Typing, and Everyday Life

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Our Customers Love Our Thin Heated Gloves!


Gloves help with my hand and wrist issues! Best thing ever!!

Frances D.

Fantastic gloves that are truly worth the purchase! My hands never felt better in the cold! Thank you!

George S.

I have had my gloves for a week now and loving them. I have had no Raynaud’s flare ups while using them.

Lisa R.

Best gloves ever! These make it possible for me to survive grocery shopping and even get my card out of my wallet.

Anita G.

These gloves have been making a huge improvement to my life.

Kathryn M.

love em, highly recommended em, that's why i went back and got a second pair.

Nicholas P.
Los Angeles, CA

You know that feeling at work when you can't even concentrate cause your hands are so cold and sore? I don't anymore :) Love them!

Skye E.

How It All Started with our Heated Gloves

Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves

Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves

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Warm your hands, keep your dexterity

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Toasty Touch® ultra thin heated gloves let you warm your hands and do what you love

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