I Have Raynaud's So I Created the Thin Heated Gloves of My Dreams

Feb 24, 2022

Hello, my name is Natalie, and I’ve got a bad case of Raynaud’s syndrome. It’s why I started Toasty Touch and created the world’s first-ever ultra thin heated gloves for people with this frustrating and poorly understood condition. 

It all started in my backyard garden. 

I was watering my tomato plants when I looked down and noticed something odd had happened to my index finger. The tip was white!

For 10 minutes, cold water had been trickling over that finger, transforming it into a cold, numb, colorless Otter Pop. I'd never seen anything like it. 


I shook my hand, did a double take, scrunched my face and blinked my eyes in an attempt to compute what I was looking at. I'd never even heard the word "Raynaud's."

I was puzzled but not too concerned as I dropped the hose and went inside to try to warm up my zombie finger and bring it back to life.

On that spring day, I didn’t have a clue how profoundly Raynaud’s would affect, change, and upend my life. I didn’t know that my Raynaud’s would accelerate from zero to 90 in a matter of months.

If the temperature wasn’t at least 68 degrees, my fingers turned white and ulcers began to form on the tips. I tried every medication my doctors could think to throw at me, and nothing helped. 

Suddenly, everything in my life was different. Even indoors, my fingers would go numb and lose color. I swear I spent half my days reheating my hands in warm water. I clutched heat packs and wrapped my hands in heating pads. It was no way to live.

On the brink of losing hope, I discovered heated gloves. Yes! I finally had an answer. Something that could restore my quality of life. 

The only problem? All the heated gloves were made for winter sports, skiing, shoveling snow. They were just too thick. I needed heated gloves I could wear in my everyday life. I needed a thin layer of heat without the padding so that I could actually use my fingers as I warmed them. Pick things up. Take a credit card out off my wallet. Type on a keyboard.

The gloves I envisioned simply did not exist. I searched. I tried. I plumbed the depths of Google. The ultra thin heated gloves for Raynaud's disease I knew I needed were not a thing. Yet. 

My wife and I decided to create the ideal heated Raynaud's gloves ourselves! Why should skiers get all the heated gloves when people with Raynaud's are the ones who really need them? 

Surely there must be others looking for this product! Right? Right?? I'd never met anyone else with this problem, but they had to be out there.

With no proof of concept, we jumped head-first into our vision. Driven by my struggle and the belief that there must be others like me, we created Toasty Touch Ultra Thin Heated Gloves. 

When we launched, we held our breath. 

Phew! Toasty Touch gloves were an immediate hit with Raynaud's sufferers and other cold-handed people all over the world! The response has been the most satisfying and beautiful experience of our lives. Our reviews bring tears to my eyes

People say our gloves are "life changing," "game changing," and "amazing." They say Toasty Touch Ultra Thin Heated Gloves have given them "a new lease on life," even crediting the gloves with letting them keep their fingertips when they faced possible amputation.  

It is incredibly humbling to be making a product that helps people so much, and we don't take it lightly. We are always working to make the gloves better so that life will be better for people with cold hands.

We know how unpleasant, demoralizing, and even debilitating Raynaud's can be. Toasty Touch is here to relieve suffering and restore hope, one individual at a time.  

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