This Raynaud's Picture Cracks Me Up: Nice Try, Internet

As someone who has a bad case of Raynaud’s Syndrome, I gotta admit the image Google uses for this usually really unfunny malady cracks me up. 

Type "Raynaud's" into the world's most popular search engine, and you'll see a girl clutching a SNOWBALL IN HER BARE HAND. She’s in mid windup and is concentrating (rather humorlessly for a snowball fight, I might add) on an unseen target. 

This Raynaud’s e-poster child is utterly unconcerned by the cold — she doesn’t even zip up her coat! Her only focus is on hurling her frozen grenade at her little brother’s head. 

Oh, Google. 

Yes, for most people, the blood vessels in their fingertips aren’t going to close up shop unless they literally HOLD SNOW.

But for many others, all it takes is for someone to crank up the AC. 

These are the people Nico and I created Toasty Touch for. 

For people who need a thin layer of consistent heat delivered to their hands as unobtrusively as possible. 

For people who would no sooner pick up a snowball than they would a rattlesnake. 

Don’t worry, fellow frosties, we see you. 

P.S. Not to keep piling on, but where exactly ARE her fingers anyway? Is she planning to shot put that thing?

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