Frequently Asked Questions

Why thin heated gloves?

We created the original ultra thin heated gloves for people who are tired of wearing thick, bulky gloves made for outdoor sports when they just want to stay comfortable at home, the office, or the grocery store. Our gloves gently warm the wearer’s hands and fingers without depriving dexterity.

So, yes, Toasty Touch® gloves are Raynaud’s gloves, but they are also arthritis gloves, scleroderma gloves, anemia gloves, diabetes gloves... We are constantly learning new reasons why our customers are using and falling in love with Toasty Touch gloves. Everyone from postal workers, hikers, lab scientists, and wildlife photographers to frozen foods warehouse workers love our gloves! Check out the reviews here.

How do Toasty Touch® heated gloves work?

Toasty Touch® gloves are powered by rechargeable batteries and have tiny, threadlike wires that deliver soothing heat to your hands all the way to the fingertips. Simply charge the batteries, attach them to the short cords on the gloves’ inner wrists, zip up the battery pockets, and you’re good to go! Charging is easy – a red light on the charger means the batteries are charging, and a green light means they’re ready to go.

Easily adjust the temperature of your thin heated gloves to your desired warmth setting by pressing the button on the outer wrist – red is warmest, white is medium warmth, and blue is just a little warm. Toasty Touch® gloves warm the fingers and the back of your hand – everywhere but the palm. (Heating the palm, we figured out while creating the gloves, leads to sweaty palms.) And that’s about it!

How long do Toasty Touch® heated gloves last?

Our thin heated gloves offer lasting warmth based on the heat setting selected. On our lowest setting, our heated gloves will keep your hands warm for around six hours. Our medium level lasts three hours, and our warmest setting keeps you toasty for two hours. We recommend keeping an extra set of batteries handy in your purse or backpack so you can easily keep the warmth going for hours to come.

How do I find the right size heated glove? 

We recommend measuring the circumference of your dominant hand, excluding your thumb, to find the perfect size heated glove for you. The right fit will give you the best dexterity and optimal warming all the way down to your fingertips. Check out our sizing guide to help determine the best size thin heated glove for you!

What comes with my Toasty Touch® order?

You’ll receive one pair of thin heated gloves, made with premium, long-lasting, incredibly soft, non-pilling Lycra; one pair of 7.4V 2200 mAh lithium rechargeable batteries; one 100-240-volt dual battery North American or Australian (depending on your shipping address) plug battery charger and one very engaging user manual, if we do say so ourselves. 

What is your return and exchange policy? 

You’ll love your heated gloves or your money back within 30 days of purchase. We do free exchanges or returns. We understand that unexpected issues can occur during shipping. In the rare event you find your items in less-than-perfect condition, we allow up to 7 business days to arrange for a replacement. We do not pay for return shipping on international exchanges or returns. All returns must be shipped in original packaging. Please email if you need to return your gloves for any reason. We ship domestically inside the United States and Australia currently. 

What if my package gets lost, stolen, or damaged in transit? 

We've partnered with Route, a package protection and tracking solution to give our customers the best possible delivery experience. Your purchase is automatically protected when you place your order. Route provides shipping protection to protect or package in the event that it gets lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit.

If you've experienced an issue with your order, please file a claim with Route's team here.

If you have any additional questions, please email our Toasty Touch customer support team at or use the chat feature in the bottom corner to message us!