Heated Gloves News: Toasty Touch Is Back in AU and NZ!

Heated Gloves News: Toasty Touch Is Back in AU and NZ!


We have fantastic news to share—Toasty Touch ultra thin heated gloves are once again available in Australia and New Zealand! Whether you’re familiar with our brand or just discovering us, we’re thrilled to bring these innovative, super thin, warm and cozy gloves back down under, just in time for the chilly months ahead.

Gloves Born from Necessity
The story began in 2020 when Toasty Touch founder Natalie, was diagnosed with Raynaud's disease, which made her hands extremely sensitive to the cold. They constantly turned white in cold temperatures. She tried everything to keep them warm: heat packs, warm running water, bulky ski gloves. In her quest to stay connected and functional despite her condition, Natalie designed the first pair of Toasty Touch gloves. These ultra-thin, heated gloves allowed her to type and text while keeping her hands warm and comfortable.

Seeing how much these gloves improved her daily life, we decided to share them with the world. Together, we launched Toasty Touch in February 2022, and the response was overwhelming!

Overcoming International Shipping Challenges
Since our beginning we have had so many loyal customers in New Zealand and Australia. However, we faced a hiccup last September. Due to fluctuating shipping rates, we had to temporarily suspend shipping to Australia and New Zealand. This was a tough decision, especially knowing how many of you were relying on our gloves to stay warm.

But we’re back with a solution! We’ve established a warehouse in Melbourne, ensuring stable and fast shipping for all of our down-under customers. Orders will start shipping from June 18, so you can get your hands on our thin and heated gloves just in time.

We have plans for other international destinations in the future, so please stay tuned as we grow our business. Email us any suggestions you have at hello@toastytouch.com

Your Warmth Matters
Your comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. If you have any questions, need assistance, or simply want to share your experience with Toasty Touch gloves, please don't hesitate to reach out. Stay warm, stay connected, and thank you for being part of the Toasty Touch family. Here’s to a warmer, cozier winter for everyone in Australia and New Zealand!

Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves

Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves


The heat you need without the bulk. Warm your hands for hours and keep using them too with the thinnest heated gloves ever created. "I've finally found something that helps my Raynaud's!" "Life changing!" "Game-changing!" "No more white fingers!" "I've… read more

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