Why Raynaud's Attacks Happen — In Comic Book Form!

Why Raynaud's Attacks Happen — In Comic Book Form!


As a fan of graphic novels — favorites include Persepolis, Stitches, Nimona, and Tetris — I thought I’d try making a Raynaud's themed comic strip. 

Voila! I present the story of the Capples! This comic delves into the big question of why Raynaud’s attacks happen, but approaches it from the perspective of the capillaries causing all the ruckus! This was a fun comic to make and very educational at the same time. I've found the only thing that helps my Raynaud's is treating the constricted blood vessels with soothing heat.

Raynaud's attacks, also known as Raynaud's phenomenon or Raynaud's disease, occur due to a constriction of the blood vessels in response to cold temperatures or emotional stress. This constriction, called vasospasm, leads to a decreased blood flow to the extremities, most commonly the fingers and toes. The reduced blood flow causes the affected areas to turn white or blue and can be accompanied by numbness, tingling, or pain. 

These attacks can happen because of a vasospasm which is the main main trigger for Raynaud's attacks is vasospasm, which is the sudden narrowing of the blood vessels. In response to cold temperatures or stress, the blood vessels in the extremities constrict more than they would in normal individuals. This reduces the blood flow to these areas, leading to the characteristic color changes and sensations.

Raynaud’s attacks can also come on from temperature fluctuations. Cold temperatures are a common trigger for Raynaud's attacks. When the body is exposed to cold, the blood vessels in the skin constrict to help conserve heat and maintain core body temperature. However, in people with Raynaud's, this response is exaggerated and can lead to vasoconstriction.

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