Our Gloves

Toasty Touch heated gloves allow you to do the things you love to do while keeping your hands and fingers warm all the way to the tips. 

Other heated gloves are bulky, made for outdoor use, and not intended for people who want to keep their hands warm while maintaining their fine motor skills such as their ability to type on a keyboard.  

Our gloves are unlike any on the market. They are ideal for Raynaud’s syndrome, arthritis, poor circulation, and other conditions that leave people with cold, uncomfortable hands. 

Toasty Touch heated gloves are thin, sleek, stylish, and made for everyday living. Made of durable lycra, you can easily eat, type on a keyboard, use a sensor-touch smartphone, and pick up and manipulate small items while wearing our gloves. 

Our gloves have three three easy-to-use heat settings (blue is the coolest setting; white is medium heat; and red is warmest.) The gloves come with two 7-volt, rechargeable, lithium batteries (one for each glove) that each provide 3-4 hours of continuous heating. A charger cord with connectors for each battery is provided. 

While Toasty Touch heated gloves were designed for the indoors, they can be worn outside. Because of their thin lycra material, they won’t keep your hands warm from cold winds or low temperatures on their own. If you add a pair or regular gloves on top, you can use your Toasty Touch gloves as extremely effective heated glove liners. 

When wearing the gloves indoors or in mild temperatures, you’ll feel like your hands are in a cozy, warm bath — a bath that allows you to keep your dexterity and live life to the fullest.