Do Raynaud's Gloves Work?

Do Raynaud's Gloves Work?


“How can we put a man on the moon but we can’t keep my fingers warm?!” I might’ve yelled that into the abyss once or twice. If you’re like me and have a frustrating case of Raynaud's disease you know a lot of things intended to help simply don’t work. 

People try all sorts of treatments, and, sadly, oftentimes, their fingertips keep turning white as often as they did before. 

You know what helps Raynaud’s disease every time? Applying heat. Seems obvious, and yet it can be tough to steadily deliver the right amount of warmth exactly where it’s needed. 

Since the dawn of civilization, heat has never been easy to get our hands on. At first, we huddled by the communal fire and rubbed our hands together as fast and we humanly could. Who knows if Raynaud's existed back then?

Today, people with Raynaud’s clutch heating pads, wear oversized ski gloves, and thaw their fingers in warm water.

It’s time for a new epoch in hand warming, and guess what, the technology is here to help people with Raynaud's.

Toasty Touch Ultra Thin Heated Gloves are helping people all over thee world regain a quality of life they thought was gone forever. Our reviews speak for themselves and you can see all the uses people have for these ultra thin heated gloves.  

They’re the first heated gloves that let you keep living life even with Raynaud's, keep feeling your fingertips actually touch and feel things, and keep your fingers the color they’re supposed to be.

Many heated gloves have the word “Raynaud’s” in their description even though they are made, first and foremost, for winter sports. For long, cold days on the ski slopes. You don't need bulky fabric if you have Raynaud's, you need to be able to use your hands indoors. 

Toasty Touch gloves are made specifically for people with Raynaud’s and for people who have cold hands in their everyday lives. 

So step out of the cave, drop the heating pad and bulky gloves. With Toasty Touch gloves, the future is here.

Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves

Toasty Touch® Ultra Thin Heated Gloves


The heat you need without the bulk. Warm your hands for hours and keep using them too with the thinnest heated gloves ever created. "I've finally found something that helps my Raynaud's!" "Life changing!" "Game-changing!" "No more white fingers!" "I've… read more

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