Calling All Frustrated Raynaud’s Warriors

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Does the following sound familiar? 

You’re somewhere. Could be a restaurant, a store, your work, a doctor’s office, anywhere. You look around and notice that everyone else in the room seems perfectly fine with the temperature. 

Not you though. You knew the second you walked in and felt the crisp air that you were going to have a problem. 

And, of course, you were right. It’s only been a couple minutes, and already you can feel it happening. You don’t even need to look — you know your fingers are turning white. 

You try to resist. You rub your hands together, tuck them into your pockets, or squeeze them between your thighs under the table. Nothing works. 

You are who we created Toasty Touch for. Skiers have enough options. Our ultra-thin, heated gloves are different. They are lifestyle gloves. 

They are specifically designed for people who want to go about their daily lives without Raynaud’s flare-ups. They’re for people who NEED a thin layer of soothing heat applied to their hands to maintain their quality of life.

Other heated gloves are bulky and thick and block you from your world. Ours let you keep it at your fingertips. Your warm, normal-colored fingertips.

Toasty Touch gloves have been called “game-changing,” “life-changing,” and “amazing” by some of the bravest Raynaud’s warriors on earth, our customers.

Check out our reviews to see for yourself.

With Toasty Touch gloves, now you can take back your life, stop the endless cycles of flaring, and walk confidently into any situation knowing your fingers aren’t going to turn into icicles. 

1 comment

  • Robin Charlesworth

    I feel so relieved to find this site. I have had this issue for years and as i get older it just keeps getting worst. I am a professional photographer and every winter i dread being outside to do photography. My hands go numb and I cant control my camera. I have tried other heated gloves but they do not warm the fingers and are to bulky to be able to use with cameras or other equipment that requires dexterity. After reading all the comments these look like the perfect solution. I cant wait receive them. I will definitely post on how they work out.

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